4YourC LLC is a brand-new start-up developing two revolutionary services within the financial and ecommerce industry The new digital payments and eCommerce platform on a mission to make 21st-century financial services accessible to everyone -- regardless of their banking status. The PayRealCash® revolution starts with FoxyMart®: an eCommerce shopping app that gives users the ability to shop their local stores and merchants at online prices. The second piece of the PayRealCash® puzzle: the PayRealCash® app, a payments platform for everyone -- no bank account required.

  • Get notified about the latest deals: Tag individual items and be notified when deals become available in your price range in your specified local area, or while on the go
  • Pay your way: Use PayRealCash® as either a PayPal®-style payment-only option, or as a full retail bank account.
  • Comparison shop in real time: Visit your local value store and scan the items you want to see the best deals for. FoxyMart® shows you the local and online price for that item.
  • Track your transactions: The app will identify your transactions by using your email address
  • Get the deals: Take your purchase to the counter at participating retailers and get the lower price matched at the register
  • Know what you owe: Receive reminders if you haven’t completed scheduled payments within a specific period of time and upcoming payments.
  • Get the price matched: Whether you are buying in person at the local shop, or online.
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